Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My word!

We are getting back into the swing of things. The Tuesday after camp we got a call that my hubbies grandma ,who had surgery on her broken hip, was taking a turn for the worst. By the time we all got up there she had crashed and was on life support. Most of the family got to be there with her when ,only a few hours later, she passed on. She was a wonderful woman. She always looked at me with this twinkle in her eye like there was some private joke that only the two of us knew about. She probably made everyone feel that way. She will be missed, but I am sure she'd rather be partying with Jesus than down here with us. We also lost our sweet hamster during this time. Abby was 2 years, which is a good life span for a hamster. We will not be sad to see the end of August.


Lisa said...

hey girl...i didn't know you had one too!!! How are things going with you and your family?

Amanda said...

Good, just getting into our school routine. How about you? Any good news on the job front?

Lisa said...

no word yet...not until tommorrow afternoon or monday!!!