Monday, September 8, 2008


Stink bugs and moths. Seth and I saw about 15 of the stink bugs.

Do you see the grasshopper?

Do you see the cicada shell?

This is an "I hope that never lands on my head bug!"

This is Rocky! I need to find out what kind of spider he is. I think he might be a she.

Sunrise ; )

This is the sunrise from my back porch. God has blessed us. We have seen such amazing things right from our yard. We also have lots of bugs. Praying mantis, mayflies, huge spiders, a variety of beetles, cottonwood borers, stink bugs, and so many more. The usual ones, only there's 10 times more of them. We have a little spider that lives in our mailbox. I named him Rocky. I'll get a picture of him.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Ranch

This is Rocky Fjord, about 5 minutes from the ranch

This is the kids sitting on the tailgate, fishing in our pond. We only got one fish this time.

This is the holey boat.

The grandparent Blakes, Scott's parent's, my dad, brother-in-law Kyle, My bestest pal Jacquie and her kiddos all came out. It was fun and exciting. We did s'mores, BB guns, and much more.